The Pinnacle Approach

Athletes learn and improve through analysis, coaching and repetition. Pinnacle Sports Media not only understands this but has been utilizing this methodology to train Fortune 500 companies for years. Most communication firms will offer only “best practices,” which never allows the athlete to discover what they do well and, more importantly, needs to improve. The retention level is simply not high enough. We believe in muscle memory reps: uncovering our weaker facets of communication and improving them through the utilization of our exercises. Your athlete will establish a baseline for improvement and be on their feet working, all within minutes..

Pinnacle's award-winning Performance-Based Training® has empowered thousands of individuals across the globe. Pinnacle Performance Sports Media was founded by Fortune 500 executives and professional actors to mesh time-tested performance techniques with the business communication skills needed to succeed and influence at every level.

Pinnacle Sports Media takes the modern athlete’s communication to the next level. Whether your athlete is the face of your university, an up and coming extreme sports star, Olympic medalist or Super Bowl MVP, Pinnacle Sports Media will ensure the importance of their message, product and place in the sporting world is understood.

Onsite, intructor led, short courses, virtual coach. Nothing off the shelf. Each engagement starts with diagnostics and builds towards practical simulation. No two courses are exactly the same based on the organization requiremetns and the individuals who are in them.